The Transsa app is a communication tool for appraisals, based on Internet technology, created and managed by Transsa. To use this service, the supplier must accept the conditions of use indicated below:

  1. Transsa issues the supplier with a personal and non-transferable password to be used in conjunction with the user’s identification number. The supplier is fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password associated with their own account in our application and for each and every activity that occurs in the supplier’s account. The supplier agrees to notify Transsa immediately of any unauthorized use or other security breach of their own account. Transsa will not be liable for any loss the supplier may incur as a result of another person using the supplier’s password or account with or without their consent.
  2. The supplier will be liable for losses incurred by Transsa or, on the other hand, if another person has used the supplier’s account or password, which will unquestionably give rise to compensation for damages in favor of Transsa, except in the event of force majeure.
  3. It is forbidden to use another person’s account at any time, without the express permission of the account holder and Transsa.
  4. The use of our application is subject to all the clauses of the confidentiality agreement contained in your contract. Additionally, the material of this application is copyrighted and it is the property of Transsa with any other intellectual property contained in said materials. It is prohibited the copying, public exhibition, circulation, charging, broadcast, distribution, modification and adaptation of the sections of this app in any way, without the prior
    written consent from Transsa. Any subsequent consent given by Transsa to the said, recognition of intellectual property and the source of information must be cited.
  5. Our application allows the user to send and receive emails, messages and files, appraisal reports, photographs, plans and / or the possibility of sending other messages or transmissions designed to allow the user to communicate with Transsa and its customers. The supplier agrees to use the Transsa app only to send and receive messages and material that are specific to line of appraisal work.
  6. All the content information and software that allows our app to operate, is the work of and belongs to Transsa, and is protected by copyright laws.
    The reproduction, copying, public exhibition, circulation, charging, broadcasting, distribution, modification and adaptation of the sections of this app in any way or redistribution of the content and / or software is expressly prohibited by law. Breach of the aforementioned, may result in serious civil and criminal penalties and be subject to any legal actions that correspond by law. Furthermore, it is expressly prohibited to copy or reproduce the content or the Software on any other server or location for later reproduction, use or distribution.
  7. The supplier accepts that Transsa is not to be held responsible for deletions, damages or errors in the storage of any message or other content maintained or transmitted by our application.
  8. Transsa reserves the right to restrict the supplier access to our application at any time, without prior notice or explanation.