Technological Solutions

Customized development

Management and administration system focuses principally in the area of appraisals with emphasis on the automation of business processes, seeking high efficiency, traceability and scalability. For more than 15 years, we have developed different modules of this type, and today we are able to rise to challenges and provide appropriate solutions to every need.

AVM Models

Automatic Valuation Model based on the address, coordinate or on the real-estate’s role id. number, delivers an updated valuation of the estimated property, based on complex algorithms for the extensive valuation of property portfolios and, at an early stage, have an approximation of value for a potential customer. This is a useful tool for insurance companies that may require estimated values or value updates.

Mobile Apps

Mobile app for the gathering information for property inspection in the field, collection of information in the field (based on predefined forms), address validation by GPS, easy upload of inspection photographs and generation of reports.