How is the appraised value of an asset determined?

The Commercial Appraisal aims to determine the fair value or price of a property within a specific market, considering a commercial transaction. In the case of residential properties, this analysis is usually carried out by the market comparison method, which uses offer references and / or recent sales that are comparable to the property under study. There are other methodologies that are used as accordingly.

What is the time frame for the appraiser to visit me?

Once the appraisal application has been entered into our system, the appraiser will make contact within 24 hours to coordinate a visit. The specialist will take photos, measurements and, if necessary, request additional information of the property to be appraised.

What coverage does Transsa have for an appraisal?

Transsa coverage is throughout Chile. Generally speaking, the appraiser who visits the property to be appraised is from the same area or region where it is located.

What information is needed to be available at the time of the appraiser’s visit?

The information needed will depend on the type of asset is to be assessed. In the event of it being private property, deeds, appraisal role number, plans and / or a certificate of occupancy (regularización municipal) are requested, if you have them.

Where can I check the status of an appraisal?

To track the status of an appraisal, access the following link and enter the code you received via email after coordinating the appraiser’s visit.

Does the property owner have to be at the time of the appraiser’s visit?

The appraiser can be received by the owner or designated contact, but there must always be someone available.

Can I appraise a property with Transsa to apply for a mortgage loan and / or
refinance my property?

If the purpose of the appraisal is to request a mortgage loan or refinance the property, you must channel the application through the bank and request Transsa as your provider. The delivery times of the appraisal report will depend on each bank.