Appraisal and Valaution

Financial Institutions

We deliver a comprehensive appraisal service for the management of mortgage loans, commercial loans, project evaluations and liquidations, in banks, investment funds, mutual funds, among others.

Companies and Corporations

We have more than 350,000 georeferenced appraisals and about 750,000 transactions from the Santiago Real Estate Land Records, which allows us to perform reliable appraisals with broad market support for different objectives such as asset valuations for accounting purposes, guarantees or sales of assets, in various fields such as industries, offices, commercial premises, agricultural properties, hotels and shopping centers, hospitals and clinics, construction sites,
machinery and vehicles, vessels and aircraft, specialized equipment and facilities.

Natural Persons

Due to our close relationship with all financial institutions in the country, we have a comprehensive appraisal service to process, quickly and in a timely manner, a mortgage loan for various types of real estate such as houses, apartments, farming land or lots.